Friday, March 27, 2009

It's ALIVE.........

The pastures that is! I went out last night with the flashlight to 'tuck the chickens in' and the ground was moving! At first it startled me - it was something like out of the old Indiana Jones movies (remember the part where the floor was covered with beetles and slithering things?).

Then a broad smile crossed my face - YES! IT'S ALIVE! BIODYNAMICS! Returning LIFE to the soil! These critters were nightcrawlers, and I'm proud to say I've enhanced the soil enough with my pasture management program (no till, soil testing, leaving cover, running chicken tractors and managing manure distribution among other things) to support a huge population of these worms.

These worms not only aerate the soil, they compost rich materials that further improves the pastures.

It's awesome to actually be able to SEE the benefit of what you are doing to the ground under your feet!

Next project, another round of soil testing and planning for clover and lespedeza seeding! Of course, after a springs and summer season of a new intensive managed grazing plan.

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