Friday, November 14, 2008

The 'Itty Bitty Gift Shop'

Today I added some of our Farm Raised/Spun items to the 'Itty Bitty Gift Shop' up at Panorama at the Peak. Boy say that 5 times fast!

Panorama is a restaurant I have the honor of working with up in Berkeley Springs WV - their goals as a restaurant align with mine as a producer - sustainability, respect for the environment and all life in general - so I'm always happy to help them out with their ideas and ventures!

Next time you are in Berkeley Springs, stop by and say 'hello' - sample the local fare, and check out our hats!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Special Etsy Announcement - My Shop is OPEN!

After hearing from everyone, "why aren't you on Etsy".....

Will be adding items as time permits!

Yarn - to mill or not?

I've been debating having some of my wool spun at the mill - I was able to handspin almost all my Black Welsh this year (minus one sold fleece), and four additional purchased fleeces - yet my 'stash' is still 4 boxes large! Considering all my wool I have hands on from start to finish, this is obviously going to be a huge leap of faith - or maybe just an exercise in 'can Andrea not micromanage'.

I've been 'collecting' samples from as many mills as I can get my hands on - and one of which is Zeilinger's. My friends at Rockbridge had their yarn blended with their Romney and it's a gorgeous menswear type color - I'm going to have a vest knitted up for my dh in this and some of my Black Welsh handspun.

I do have a bunch of this here on consignment -if you are interested in trying - it is a crisp worsted - 6 oz hanks, 220yards - $24.99 - Email me to order some and I can get you the correct shipping on it.