Thursday, April 24, 2008

It followed me home, dear!

I've been researching and contemplating the implementation of a 'mule flock' here at the farm for about two years. Last October, at the Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival, I met two wonderful ladies who are passionate about their Leicesters. Cathie Cody at Wit's End Farm, and Kelly Mansfield at Spring Breeze.

Since Kelly is right down the road from me, I took a trip on Tuesday to 'see what she had'. Specifically to put a down payment on a yearling she had available that I thought would be 'it'. I met the lambs and the yearling. Now don't get me wrong, he's incredible. His fleece is like SILK. His pedigree includes new lines from the UK that most breeders would go miles for. But then there was 'Titanium'. SIGH.

I'm not into white sheep. But the Blue Faced Leicesters are, well, not entirely 'white'. Their faces are blue! Well, Titanium IS BLUE! His fleece! Now of course, Kelly will probably move into the barn with the sheep before she'd consider selling the boy, and I'd have to off a few other breeders (including the lovely Miss Cathy!) to get a hold of him...

So I 'settled' for

one of his sons ;-)

I went for the length, since I'll be breeding him with my Black Welsh, a smaller hill breed. But his fleece is gorgeous, he has presence, and great growth.

Kudos to Kelly on a beautiful batch of lambs. I wish I had more time and money, or I'd have quite a few more here!