Wednesday, September 17, 2008

There is something incredibly satisfying about working with fleece from your own sheep. After shearing and washing, then carding, you get a good idea of what the fleece 'wants' and a lot of times the personality of the sheep plays in my mood when I spin.

Here is Sterling, in lace weight - actually over 18 Wraps Per Inch (hard to tell from this pic but that is pretty tiny!) This is 2-ply spun on one of my drop spindles - a Swan by Grafton Fibers. It turned out so well I am wrapping it up tomorrow to send out to the Fall Fiber Festival for the skein competitions.

Anyone have a good pattern for just over 100 yards of lace weight yarn??? This one will be hard to part with!


Monday, September 8, 2008

More BLUE!

Isn't she BLUE-TIFUL???? We have two BFL ewes now - I have learned this wonderful pattern is called 'English Blue' - teardrops, and then they have a silver saddle which in the goat world I'd call a 'belt'!

More on these girls as time permits!